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Listening is a skill.

Date: Aug. 25, 2009

Author: admin

When we are full of unbelief, we fail to listen to Jesus or maybe when we fail to listen to Jesus we fall into unbelief. Either way we need to listen to Jesus because He gives us the way to eternal life. I posted the message and revised questions on the web.
I have an emergency prayer request for Jason and Anastasia Perry’s Son Peter. They serve God in Ney Jersey UBF. Anastasia is a missionary from Kiev, Ukraine. And last Tuesday while they were visiting Kiev their 4 year old son Peter was hospitalized because his appendix burst. However the situation was complicated by peritonitis and now he is in septic shock and in critical condition. Please, pray that God’s healing hand may touch him.
Please pray for the Student Org fair which takes place this Wed (8/26) from 4-7pm in the MTCC. We ask that God may be with all those who are serving it and that it will be fruitful.
Let's thank God for letting us use the HUB last week for worship, even though we were not supposed to have it. Pray that we may be able to use the chapel this Sunday.
Also let's thank God for sending students back to campus and we could have fellowship with Moses, Simon, and Emily as well as new comers Jackie and Moses. Please pray for God's blessing upon them. And especially that Jackie and Moses may come regularly.
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Proverbs 1:8-33

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