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Date: Nov. 11, 2009

Author: admin

Hello everyone, I hope all is going well. May God help us to be ready for when Jesus comes again. . At this Friday Meeting - Part 1 - Testimony Sharing Part 2 - Discussion on the importance of Christian traditions. ' I remembered some things from last weeks passage about greed. Here is an interesting article: 10 Ways to Spot an E-Mail Scam . Also here is a quote from the movie "Wall Street" maybe this explains what's been going on with our economy. . . Upcoming Events . Event: Main Christmas Worship service Date: Sunday, December 13th Time: 2:30pm-4:30pm Location: TBD . Prayer Topics . World: May God comfort the families and all those effected by the shooting at Fort Hood. We pray for evangelizing all nations and for peace and prosperity in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the freedom of worship in North Korea. For doubling our ministry by 2010. For 100,000 missionaries by 2041. . World Mission Prayer Topics Ukraine, Kyiv chapter: For the director Peter Kim and his message. God may give him wisdom and spirit as he serves as the CIS director. For 120 Sunday attendants and 120 1:1 Bible studies. For Missionary John & Maria Peace family. They are full of spirit and work diligently. Maria Peace suffers from diabetes. For her health. May God console her during this time of losing her father. . North America: For evangelizing all campuses in USA and Canada. . IIT Prayer Topics Our Ministry: God may bless us to invite students and we may welcome new comers and love them. God may bless our Bible study to bring them to Jesus. . Bible Club: Please pray for Moses, Simon, Gideon and David to be good stewards of God’s work through the Bible club as they meet Tuesday’s at 7PM in the yellow room. . Personal Needs: A) Gideon: financial  B)For , Mary, Dan and Sam to get professional jobs C) Abigail and Jay’ s visa status. D) Bible House for IIT E) Immanuel: Part time job - bank loan to get sanctioned . Pray for those who have gone out from IIT: Sarah Leingang(Korea), Johan Leonard (New York), Mike Statts (Germany), Ison Hong (Springfield), Peter Mugisa (Uganda), Jimmy Mei (OSU) .
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