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Our prayer for Botswana

Date: Jul. 27, 2010

Author: admin

Botswana is called the Jewel of Africa. It is located in the southern tip of Africa and is part of the famous Kalahari desert. . [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="474" caption=""]Botswana Location[/caption] . Botswana is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife, including the largest gathering of elephants in the world on private land. . . We are praying for our friends and co-workers who have dedicated their lives to share the gospel of Jesus with the people of Botswana. Specifically they are serving the students on the campus of the University of Botswana. Their names are Missionary Timothy and Deborah Chung. Here is a picture of their 3 precious children. We recently had the privilege to help them by providing books and material for their children's education. . . Currently they are studying the book of Hosea, hoping to learn God's unfailing love. Here is a picture from their 2010 Easter conference. M. Timothy is on the left. Some of the students they study the Bible with are: Bonaka(nurse), Aiki(accounting 3), Michael(science 2), Martin(law 2) and Kabo(accounting 3). . . M. Timothy is a self supporting missionary and he supports his family and ministry by teaching Taekwondo. He asks prayer support for his business so that he may be able to serve God freely. . . Here is a list of their prayer topics 1. They pray for God to raise 12 faithful disciples of Jesus and 12 families of faith 2. To invite 10 students from Botswana university to learn practical faith that challenges present difficulties 3. Sister Bonaka to grow as a mother of prayer and have a family of faith 4. Brother Michael grow as a faithful shepherd 5. Self support through Taekwondo 6. Good health for their family 6. Their children's education 7. Hosea Bible study and message preparation . Please remember them in your prayers! .
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