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Gods hope for each of us

Date: Nov. 27, 2011

Author: Bob Henkins

Luke 5:1-11 . . Gods hope for each of us . One day Jesus, as he walked along, he was teaching the crowds and he came to the lake. In order to teach the crowd better he got into a boat so that they wouldn't push him into the water. The boat he "happened" to get into was Simon's. Simon and his partners were cleaning the nets for they had been fishing all night. . When Jesus had finished teaching the crowd he told Simon to put out into deep water. At first Simon didn't want to go oback out fishing because he was tired from fishing all night, and besides that, fishing in the day with a net just wasn't smart. But because it was Jesus who told him, he relented. Maybe Jesus' message softened his heart to go against his personal desires. . However when they followed Jesus' direction they caught the catch of their lives. There were so many fish that their boats almost sank. When Simon saw this, his heart was struck and he fell at Jesus' feet and said, "Go away from me Lord,I am a sinful man." Jesus countered by saying "Don't be afraid, from now on you will catch men." . From Jesus' response we can see that Simon must have been afraid. When Simon saw the huge catch of fish, he realized something. What had just happened was not normal. Simon just witnessed a miracle and he knew it. In this small act Jesus demonstrated his power over nature. Simon realized that Jesus was more than just a rabbi or teacher. This is why he fell at Jesus' feet. In the Bible we see people fall face down before God when they meet him. This is what Simon was doing. And as he fell before God incarnate, he realized that all his sins were exposed and he was worried. . Simon had proper respect for God and he did his best to honor God. As God, Jesus could see all of Siimon's sin but he didn't condemn him. Instead Jesus had hope for him and encouraged Simon to get up because Jesus had a bigger mission for him than catching fish, but to catch men. . Personally what touches me in this passage, is that Almighty God came to be with sinful men. And he didn't condemn us, he came to bless us so that we may know him and love him. I am so thankful for my Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life for me so that I may know him and go back with him to his kingdom. I repent of my many sins which are to many to list. I pray to have a proper view of Jesus and honor him throughout my life. . I thank God that he has hope for all of us, all we have to do is accept his call for us. May God be glorified through my life. . .
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Lamentations 3:40-66

Key Verse: 3:40

  Let us test and examine our ways,
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