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Advent 2015

Date: Nov. 30, 2015

Author: Michael Mark

Advent: an arrival or coming, esp one who is awaited

In Christianity, it is the season that begins the 4th Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve.  During the Advent Season, we:

  • Commemorate Jesus' 1st coming
  • Anticipate His 2nd coming

...in order to prepare our hearts for Christmas, that day we celebrate our Savior's first arrival.

"Good News of Great Joy" is a great resource written by John Piper that consists of 25 short daily readings to help you and your family meditate on Christ's first and second advent.  It is available free for download here:


(The download links are on the left panel)

Though in some years Advent may begin before December 1st, you can begin your devotionals starting December 1, and the advent devotional can be re-used again each year.

Daily Bread

Listen to God and Live

Proverbs 1:8-33

Key Verse: 1:33

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