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Date: Jun. 14, 2017

Author: Dan Bockenfeld

Starting Sunday, June 18, we will be starting a summer sermon series based on the books of Titus and 2 Timothy called Ministry.

Titus and 2 Timothy are letters written by the apostle Paul to two of his companions. Both Titus and Timothy were young men who were like sons to Paul. The went with him on a number his missionary journeys, and he cared for them deeply. As they grew spiritually, Paul entrusted each man with the task of leading the burgeoning churches in Crete and Ephesus, respectively.

Each of these letters provide encouragement and instruction to the men in regard to their mission fields. Titus and Timothy faced hardship and opposition from others in the church who opposed their leadership, but Paul encourages them to hold firmly to God's word.

In this sermon series, let us listen to Paul's words and learn how to take care of a ministry, because, no matter who we are, as long as we believe in Jesus, we are a part of a ministry.

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Lamentations 3:40-66

Key Verse: 3:40

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